Flexographic Printing

We have the capability of completing medium to long runs in the flexible packaging sector for the retail & wholesale channels

  • 8- Color Deck, Wide Web Flexo Printing Press

  • Surface & Reverse Printing

  • Process & Line Work 

  • Solvent-Based Inks

  • Sharp, Vivid Images with Solid Ink Density

  • Consistent print quality from impression to impression



Our Laminate technology allows us to work with a high degree of reliability & simplicity at high speeds

  • Solvent-less coating head provides optimum adhesive transference and layer evenness

  • In-Line Web guide sensor to ensure straight glue line

  • Metallic film prepared, even for very thin gauges

  • Ability to run a wide variety of products at high speeds




Our rewind technology delivers the ability to rewind even the most difficult light gauge films and complex laminate materials

  • Narrow web rewind application mode

  • Automatically off-loads finished rolls

  • Max Web Width of 60"

  • Max Web Speed of 2000 fpm


Laser & Hot Needle Perforation

Micro & Macro Perforation Capabilities

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) significantly enhances shelf life of perishable foods

  • Perforations allow for controlled evacuation of heat, moisture, and specified Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR)

  • Micro perforations balance the vapor pressure created when packaged products are heated

  • Specifically designed perforations are made based on perishable item to provide longevity